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Basic differences between fishes Belongs to Class Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes are:

Chondrichthyes (chondr – Cartilage, ichthys  – fish)

Osteichthyes (osteon – bone , ichthus – fish)

Fishes with cartilaginous endoskeleton come under class chondrichthyes.

Fishes with bony endoskeleton come under class osteichthyes.

Such fishes body is covered with placoid scales

Osteichthyes fishes is covered with cycloid and ctenoid scales

Gills are five - seven pairs with no operculum

Gills four pairs with operculum

Tail heterocercal (hetero – other, kerkos – tail) means, tail lobes are unequal in shape.

Tail homocercal (homo– same, kerkos– tail), means tail lobes are equal in shape.

Air bladder or lungs absent.

Air bladder is present and in some fishes lungs are also seen.

For examples: Shark, Rays etc.

For examples: Carps, tuna, salmon etc.


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