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Both Sub phylum Cephalochordata and Urochordata belongs to phylum Chordata.  They are also known as Protochordates, since they are considered primitive chordates as they do not show notochord as developed as in subphylum Vertebrata.

Cephalochordata (cephalo – head, chord – cord)

Urochordata (Uro – tail, chord – cord)

Animal belonging to cephalochordata show notochord extended in head region too hence named. They show notochord throughout their life.

Animal belonging to urochordata show notochord only in posterior part of body i.e. tail region hence named. In urochordata notochord is seen only in larval stage and lost in adult stage.

Body is segmented.

Body is unsegmented covered with tunic or test.

Body is fish like, free swimming animal.

Animals are free swimming only in larval stage, whereas adult is sessile i.e. fixed to certain substratum.

Examples: Amphioxus or lancelet

Examples: Herdmania


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