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Aves comprise birds, and an animal with mammary glands (a gland which secretes milk for nourishing the young ones) belongs to class Mammalia. Besides being different from external morphology there are some basic similarities between the two. They are as follows:

  1. Both belong to Phylum Chordata and sub-phylum Vertebrata (Presence of Vertebral column or backbones).
  2. Both are warm - blooded (it doesn’t mean that their blood is hot or cold in cold blooded animal, it means that they can maintain their body temperature stable regardless of external temperature.
  3. Their heart is completely four chambered (two auricle and two ventricle).
  4. Both are omnivorous (feed on both plant and animal)
  5. Composition of blood is similar in both i.e. RBC’s and WBC’s both are present with hemoglobin as a respiratory pigment.
  6. Parental care seen in both of them.
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