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The economic importances of sphagnum are:

  1. It has the great capacity for retaining moisture like that of sponge so it is used as packing materials for the transshipment of living plants.
  2. It maintains high soil acidity of certain plants so it improves the retaining capacity of dry soil.
  3. It is said to possess half the heating power of good coal and twice the heat of wood. So it is used as domestic fuel after drying it.
  4. It is instead of cotton for filling the absorbent bandages in surgical dressing in the hospitals.
  5. It is also used as a material for increasing the water retaining property of certain poor types of soils.
  6. The flowers are packed in peat mosses to keep them fresh for a long period.
  7. It has great power of regeneration.
  8. The decomposed moss is called as the peat moss and it is used in gardens.
  9. It can cause fungal infections.
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