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Palisade mesophyll

Spongy mesophyll

1. The palisade layer is found below the upper epidermis.

1. The spongy mesophyll is found towards the lower epidermis

2. Cells compactly arranged at right angle to the epidermis.

2. Cells are with large inter cellular space.

3. These cells possess large concentration of chloroplast.

3. The cells possess chloroplast but three to four times lesser than the palisade tissue.

4. Mainly meant for photosynthesis and as a result food is produced.

4.  The main function is buoyancy and exchange of water vapour.

5. Possess irregular or isodiametrical cells.

5. Possess elongated columnar cells.

6. Non-living inclusions are found in this layer.

6. Non-living inclusions are completely absent.


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